Our AXWare timing system provides the announcer with a ton of info during the event.  You can access a driver’s name, car and car number.  Their previous best time, their current position in class, as well as their finish times and penalties, PAX time, over-all Fast Time of Day (FTD) and Fast Time of Day PAX.  Please ask someone to show you how to access all this information from the Announcer laptop.

Here is a list of what an announcer should announce and in what order:

  1. Car at starting line – announce:
    1. Driver/car, class
    2. Current best time
    3. Current position in class
  2. Car finishing – announce:
    1. Driver/car, time, penalties
    2. Did they improve?
    3. What position in class are they now?
  3. NEVER point out how bad a driver is doing.
  4. ALWAYS encourage them:  “He/she is only 7-tenth’s back from first place!”
  5. Make the event more EXCITING by announcing the close battles between drivers.
  6. Point out when the “little guys” are doing well:  “Wow!  This is their first event and they are leading the Novice class!”
  7. Mention which drivers are from out-of-town and how they are doing against the locals.
  8. Any other pertinent info about the driver/car that is entertaining.
    • Sponsors:  (if any)
    • Facility Info: location of restrooms, trashcans, food, etc…
    • Up coming events: any upcoming events (local or regional)
      • Announce: “Awards will be presented in about 10 minutes”.
    • If Fun Runs ARE going to be held:
      • Announce: “Workers, please leave all safety items at your position”
    • If NO Fun Runs are going to be held:
      • Workers, please bring in all safety items and everyone please help stack cones.