February Meeting Results-2015

2015 Class Structure and Rule Changes

On February 4, 2015 the SSSCC met and voted on 2015 rule proposals and classing changes. The results of the meeting were:

1) AS-R to HS-R classes were eliminated. STC was merged with STS. GP class was eliminated. These changes were made to align with SCCA rules.

2) CAM+T, CAM-S, and CAM-C classes were added to the Vintage class. More information about the CAM classes can be found here: http://scca.cdn.racersites.com/prod/assets/2015%20CAM%20handout%20b.pdf

3) Tires with 140 treadwear ratings will be allowed for 2015 for street tire PAX classes. However, tires must still meet the remaining SCCA eligibility requirements for tire availability.

4) The SSSCC event fee structure has been simplified to a $20 flat event fee.

5) The SSSCC membership fee has been eliminated. Drivers will become club members after participating in three events, including Winter Heats.

6) NS1 class has been split into separate Street Prepared and Street Modified classes.

7) SSR has been added to the newly rearranged NS1 class and LNS class.

8) S1 and S2 has been split into three classes: S1 (SS/AS/FS), S2 (BS, CS), and S3 (DS, ES, GS, HS).

9) A Protest and Sportsmanship rule has been added to clarify the club policy:

The right to protest shall rest with any person taking part in the SSSCC event on any act they believe is in violation of the SSSCC rules or is detrimental to the safe conduct of the event. Protests may include, but are not limited to, incorrect classing, reckless driving on course or near the event site, failure to obey direction, unsportsmanlike conduct, or not completing a work assignment. Protests shall be raised to a club officer on site. All club officers present at the event will hear the protest and issue a decision. Penalties imposed by the club officers range from a warning to ejection from event, are final, and are not subject to further review or appeal.

10) The final 2015 Classing Structure is listed here.