SSSCC Rules-2014

The SSSCC uses SCCA Solo rules for vehicle classing.  Because the SSSCC is a smaller club, they decided to group the large number of SCCA classes into smaller class groupings.  This provides larger class sizes for better competition.   So you must determine your SCCA vehicle class to determine what SSSCC class you can run in.   In addition, the SSSCC uses a Street Tire Multiplier for any of the Non-Stock classes.  This additional multiplier of .980 allows drivers to compete on either DOT R-Compound race tires (Hoosier A6, Kumho V710, BFG R1-S) or their choice of street tires (street tires must have a tread wear rating of 140 or greater for 2014 season, 200 or great for 2015 season).


Class Description
S1 Street 1 (SS/AS/BS/CS +R) PAX Street and Street-R classes
S2 Street 2 (FS, DS, ES, GS, HS +R) PAX Street and Street-R classes
NS1 Non-Stock 1 (SSP/ASP/BSP/ESP/SM/SSM +T) PAX SP & SM – larger vehicles
NS2 Non-Stock 2 (CSP/DSP/FSP/SMF +T) PAX SP & SM classes – smaller vehicles
NS3 Non-Stock 3 (All Prepared/DM/EM +T) PAX All Prepared and some Modified classes
NS4 Non-Stock 4 (STU/STX) PAX ST classes (mostly AWD)
NS5 Non-Stock 5 (STC/STF/STS/STR) PAX All ST classes except STU/STX
NS6 Non-Stock 6 (AM/BM/CM/FM/KM/FSAE +T) PAX Non-Production based Modified classes
PAX PAX Class (All Classes Eligible) All SCCA classes (no Street Tire Modifier)
LS Ladies Street (All Street Classes +R) PAX All SCCA Street & Street-R classes
LNS Ladies Non-Stock (All Non-Stock +T) PAX All SCCA Non-Stock classes
LNS6 Ladies Non-Stock 6 (NS6 vehicles +T) PAX (AM/BM/CM/FM/KM/FSAE +T)
N Novice – All Classes PAX All SCCA classes
V Vintage PAX (No NS6 cars) All SCCA classes (25 years or older)
CHAL Tuner Challenge (Raw Times – No PAX) All Vehicles Eligible (No open-wheeled vehicles)
K Karts (JA class only) (no alcohol fuel) (JA)-Age 12-15 yrs
TO Time Only (no trophies or points) Anything goes as long as it passes Tech Inspection

+R = Street-R classes. The Street-R classes will only exist for the 2014 season, with the exception of Super Street-R, which will remain indefinitely.

+T = Street Tire Multiplier. See this page for details about the Street Tire Multiplier.