1. RADIO: It’s important to understand how to use the radio correctly.
    • Starter should have two radios:
      • One radio set to frequency 4.33 to listen to timing trailer
      • Other radio set to frequency 7.3 to communicate with workers. (this is also listed inside the radio box)
    • Use the orange talk button to communicate.
    • Don’t use the “Call” button (makes loud chirp/warbling sound and nobody can talk).
    • Always wait to talk for a second after depressing the talk button (otherwise your first few words may get cut off)
    • Face into the wind when talking so that the wind doesn’t blow into the microphone.
    • If your radio “beeps” when you depress the talk button that’s a signal that your batteries are going dead. (Some radios now have a battery level display). Call in and someone will bring you replacements.
  2. RESPONSIBILITIES: The Starter is in control of the course. Before sending the next car, you should always:
    • Check the course to make sure it is clear and that:
    • A car hasn’t spun or broke down
    • The course workers have finished setting up cones from the previous car
    • Maintain a proper interval between cars:
    • Do the course workers have adequate time to reset the cones?
    • Does Timing have enough time between cars?
    • Keep your radio close so you can hear if someone requests to “Hold the start!”, or “Red Flag!”.
    • Make sure all drivers/passengers have their helmet and seat belt on
    • Make sure the car has passed tech (check for appropriate windshield sticker)
    • Make sure there is nothing left sitting on or loose in the car (water bottle, etc…)
    • Don’t give car numbers to Timing unless they specifically ask you.
    • Watch for downed cones in the start box and communicate to Course Control if any penalties need to be assessed.
    • The only time the Starter should communicate by radio is:
      • If you see an unsafe situation and you want to red flag or hold the start.
      • If you are calling in a start box penalty.
      • Answer questions from timing