What is PAX?

Because the SSSCC is a smaller club, we normally don’t have enough entries to use the Sports Car Club of America’s Solo classing structure.  There are 43 different SCCA classes and that’s just way too many for our small club.   So instead, we group these 43 classes together into our 18 classes.  But to do that we have to handicap them so that the competition is fair inside these class groupings.   We do that using the PAX handicap system for most of our classes (except the new Tuner Challenge class).

To determine your “pax time”, first you need to know the SCCA class that best fits your car and how it’s prepped.  Then you go the the PAX Index website and find the pax multiplier for you you simply take your raw time and multiply it by your Pax multiplier.

Pax Home Page


The good news is that the club’s timing system does this math automatically, so the announcer can easily update the participants on how they are doing in their individual classes.   In addition, the SSSCC is also now using “live timing”.  Using a smart phone, you can view event results live while the event is happening.