• 2017 Rule Changes

    2017 Rules Changes

    2017 Rule Changes At the annual SSSCC rule proposal meeting held on February 1, 2017, the club passed two rule changes. 1) The club passed the proposal to re-class D-Street to the S2 class. S2 will now include B-Street, C-Street, and D-Street. 2) The club passed the proposal to re-class Street Touring Roadster to the NS4 class. NS4 will now include STU, STX, STR, and STP. In addition, at the previous January club meeting, the SSSCC passed a proposal to allocate funds to: 1) Repair pavements crack in the TCR oval. 2) Widen the pit road by Turn 3, and if funding remains… 3) Level the drains in the TCR infield.

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    2017 Calendar of Events Released!

    The SSSCC’s 2017 Calendar of Events has been posted.  Looks like it’s going to be another awesome season!

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    Street Tire Multiplier

    UPDATE: At the February 2014 club meeting members voted to remove the Street Tire Multiplier from the “Stock” classes (now known as Street classes).  They also voted to remove it from the PAX classes.  But it can still be used for all non-stock classes. At the March 2013 club meeting the SSSCC voted in a new Street Tire Multiplier rule using a 0.980 multiplier.   The issue was that many of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) rules allowed DOT legal r-compound race tires, and they are expensive.  To compensate the SSSCC added local Street Tire classes for those people who didn’t want to buy race tires.  But as a result, the standard classes (S1, S2, NS2, etc…) were decreasing in size.  Also, drivers in the Street Tire classes weren’t able to compete fairly for the Top Pax award.   As a result, it was decided that the club would eliminate the Street Tire class and the Ladies Street Tire class and start using a Street Tire multiplier for all classes. Drivers now have the option to run on either Street Tires or whatever race tire that’s legal for the class they are running in. What qualifies for street tires?  Currently, any tire that has a tread wear rating of 140 or greater.  Popular tires include the BFG Rival, Dunlop Z2, Bridgestone RE-11A, Toyo R1R, and Hankook RS-3.  What qualifies for race tires?  In the Stock and Street Prepared classes you can choose from any of the DOT-legal tires.  Popular tires include the Hoosier A6, BFG R1-S and Kumho V710.   If you’re running in one of the Prepared or Modified classes, you can run full racing slicks.  Hoosier, Goodyear […]

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2015 Ellensburg Event-Moved

2015 Ellensburg Event-Moved

Due to changes with the site and Management we have opted to step away for this year and this year only. We are actively planning the 2016 event already. WE DO HAVE AN EVENT THAT WEEKEND IT WILL BE HERE AT...
Drivers School & Winter Event #3 CANCELED

Drivers School & Winter Event #3 CA...

Due to this weekends weather forecast for heavy rain both Saturday and Sunday, the club officers have decided to cancel the Saturday Drivers School and Sunday Winter Event #3.   The surface of the oval gets...
February Meeting Results-2015

February Meeting Results-2015

2015 Class Structure and Rule Changes On February 4, 2015 the SSSCC met and voted on 2015 rule proposals and classing changes. The results of the meeting were: 1) AS-R to HS-R classes were eliminated. STC was...
Events 11 and 12

Events 11 and 12

This is it….the final events of the season points championship.  Lots of classes are very close and will be decided during these final events of the year.  Weather forecast looks like it will be the...

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Events 11 and 12